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Johanna Mason. District 7.

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we’re a team, right?

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Stay alive.

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"Stay alive," Haymitch says gruffly. That’s almost an old joke with us now.

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the goldern trio

I hate to hijack (ha!) posts, but….

Look at Peeta in the top gif. We know this is after Gale’s whipping. So that means both Peeta and Haymitch came running to help as soon as they knew (and there’s no indication in the teaser that Peeta ISN’T with her…He has his winter coat on, which suggests he likely was…Haymitch does not, like he was pulled abruptly from his daydrinking to deal with Katniss’ shit again. ;P) Also - that is not the confused baby face of first movie!Peeta. That’s someone who is angry and upset. LOOK at his eyes. He’s far from looking weak or unhappy.

In the second gif, look at his posture. He looks like he’s just been upset (it’s hard to tell in the gif, but I swear I saw him look out of breath almost in the video - like he’d just been raging). He’s also not an emotional wreck like Katniss is in the gif. He’s looking like he’s starting to compose himself again. The rock of the group - the one who provides the strength needed.

Again, sorry for hijacking the post. I just wanted to get this out there because these are two moments where Peeta ISN’T looking weak or useless or whatever you want to say (I personally don’t think he ever did)

Also just want to add to this… some people were complaining that his line “so what do we do” in that second gif seemed flat compared to Katniss’ obvious distress, but I think that’s the whole point. While Katniss is freaking out, he’s composed himself to be the steady and rational point of the group who is trying to see what the best course of action is, so she can be comforted - I have no issues with his line delivery whatsoever.

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the hunger games things; haymitch abernathy

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