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Okay so the picture is orginally by exitpursuedbyasloth, and the amazing epic by stillhidden went:

The relationship between Bill and Fireplace is very intriguing and progresses in the best narrative tradition. When they first meet, it’s an unexpected collision, and a forceful one at that. It shakes both of them to the core. You may even say that Fate Eric throws them together.

It’s not an immediate love match. In the beginning, it’s pretty clear that, as far as Bill is concerned, he wishes he’d never met Fireplace. He is hurt by Fireplace, he is wounded, his dignity is suffering. In turn, Fireplace feels pushed, even violated! Fireplace did not ask for this, nor did it expect it. 

But as the meeting evolves, it’s clear that the passion with which they meet each other is overpowering. Force beyond Bill’s control hurls him into the Fireplace’s heated embrace. And as he presses his face into Fireplace, he cannot help but feel the gravitational pull. Fireplace feels it, too. In shock and from sheer force of the encounter it even loses a few shingles. 

It’s a short and  tumultuous, but ultimately mutually beneficial relationship. Bill’s perspective on his own physical prowess and his abilities to take on his betters and bigger(s) is rearranged (however temporarily), and Fireplace can heal and grow new, better shingles. They are both transformed by the encounter. 

It’s a classic tale, universal and relatable, and if you don’t ship Bill/Fireplace, you are dead inside!”

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