Inside Leven Rambin's photoshoot

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I knew from the time I was 13 that I wanted to be an actress. I idolized Evan Rachel Wood’s performance in Thirteen, and was so emotionally disturbed by that film. The way she connected to me through her acting in that film made me want to make people feel the way she made me feel. Then I watched The Lizzie McGuire Movie and cried because Lizzie finally realized her dreams of being a successful actress! So, I sort of owe my career to those fine young actresses. -Leven Rambin

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Leven Rambin: ‘The Hunger Games’ personal pictures.

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Leven Rambin on the set of PJO

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“Some of these girls are like my sisters.” - Jacqueline Emerson.

“We were like a gang, we did everything together — out to eat, sleepovers, went to the movies. It felt like a slumber party for four months! Everyone was really sweet.” - Leven Rambin.

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Favourite people ♥ Leven Rambin